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Member Spotlight: Jerreece Jackson

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Meet Jerreece Jackson. She is a member of the Brown Skin Brunchin’ chapter of her hometown, Fresno, CA. The 58-year-old retired government employee is an alumna of Mission College.

Jerreece’s favorite brunch foods include Belgian waffles, salmon, crepes, and omelets. She is a fan of enjoying brunch at Fresno’s Campagnia Bistro and the Hyatt Soma in San Francisco.

“In first place, however, since my Fairmont Hotel closed is The Rotunda at Neiman Marcus, San Francisco,” says Jerreece. “Love the Brunch High Tea! If you ever want to experience Christmas on the West Coast, try The Rotunda!”

The best piece of advice Jerreece ever received was to rekindle her passion for writing.

“At my twentieth high school reunion, one of my BFFs told me I should get back to writing. She remembered the little novelettes I used to write and pass around in sixth grade.”

Jerreece took her friend’s advice and today, she is a self-published author and the owner of A Geek An Angel Publishing. Through her company, she has published over 500 books, including 11 novels, a cookbook, and a children’s book, as well as hundreds of low-content books (coloring books, diaries, and journals.)

“Writing inspires me. In sixth grade, I listed that I wanted to be a writer and I worked on my school's newspapers and my women's group’s newspaper. About nine years before I retired, I self-published my first novel.”

Along with her love of writing, Jerreece enjoys being a part of Brown Skin Brunchin’ and having the opportunity to meet and connect with new women over brunch.

“It makes me proud to know that such a group of beautiful, professional, positive ladies exists and that I am a part of them.”

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Dec 29, 2022

Love,luv the bar name 🤎💯

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