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About us

Our Story

Over 30 years ago, Lillian Jackson and Melissa Mason met in the second grade at Blackwell Elementary School located in Richmond, VA. The two became inseparable and built a lifelong friendship that would face its first challenge when Lillian moved away for a job opportunity. It was through that distance that the pair realized that finding genuine friendships during adulthood was not an easy feat, and thus Brown Skin Brunchin' was born.

Brown Skin Brunchin’ is a founder funded global technology and social group, founded in 2018 around a simple idea - brunch. Brown Skin Brunchin' created a space for minority women to come together over a good meal & drinks, to meet other amazing minority women, and expand their personal and professional circles. The company has grown into a market leader for brunch groups, connecting thousands of women monthly via social media and in real life.  


Brown Skin Brunchin's founders wanted to create a community of professional minority women who desired to expand their personal and professional circles, minus the awkwardness of traditional networking events. With that idea in mind, they created Brown Skin Brunchin' to bring together women in a casual setting, which made making a new connection organic, simple, and most of all, fun! Brown Skin Brunchin’ is the go-to crew for minority women who brunch and are in search of ideas of how to brunch, where to brunch, and who to brunch with.


Expand your circle today by attending an upcoming brunch. We can't wait to brunch with you!

Meet The Team

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