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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do at the brunch?

Brunch of course! There is no set agenda. Brown Skin Brunchin' brings together women of color, allowing them to meet like-minded women in order to expand their personal and professional circles in an unconventional, yet fun way. Members have made new lifelong connections and friendships that they may never have had without joining our group for brunch. 

How often do you host a brunch?

Brunches are held monthly. Upcoming dates are posted on the events page under the Members Only section. Be sure to join your city group to receive first hand notifications when brunch dates are posted.

There is not a brunch group in my city. 

If you'd like to see Brown Skin Brunchin' in your city, click the "Suggest a City" link on the home page for our founders to review. If you are interested in becoming an organizer for the city you've suggested, click the "Become an Organizer" link on the home page, and submit your application for review by our founders.

What is the age range of the group?

As there is drinking involved, the minimum age for participation in our brunches is 21. Children are not permitted to attend our brunches. There is no maximum age limit.

The brunch is sold out, do you have any space available?

If the brunch is sold out, there aren't any spaces available. Occasionally, there are changes or cancellations where spaces may open up. Be sure to join your city group to receive first hand notifications regarding changes. All changes will be posted to the website first.

How do I become a vendor at your event?

Please contact our marketing department at to submit a vendor request for review. Approved vendors will be notified via email.

I have a product/service that I would like to offer to your groups, what is the process?

Please contact our marketing department at to submit a product or service request for review. Approved providers will be notified via email.

I own a restaurant, can your group come to our location?

We will be more than happy to consider your restaurant as a possible Brown Skin Brunchin' venue. Please submit the name of your restaurant, all relevant policies, and guest limits to for review.

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