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Brunch with Us

Become a Brown Skin Bruncher

How it Works

We host a brunch monthly in major cities across the United States. Our brunches are just that - Brunch.  We do not have a set agenda or speaker at our brunches. We enjoy good food & good conversation at the restaurant we choose each month. This is a great way to get to know other women of color in your area in a fun way.

How to Join

Joining us is  simple. Download our app to gain exclusive access to our member only events. Our events require a non-refundable RSVP fee to attend. A monthly commitment is not required, as we choose to charge solely based on attendance. This ensures members have flexibility with paying dues, and members aren't paying when they are not actively participating.

What do the Dues Cover?

Nothing in life is free. We use the funds collected for events to keep this platform active. It takes a lot of planning and advertising to make events successful. We have been able to expand to different cities to bring this experience to more women and keep our platform up to date through the use of dues.





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