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5 Girls' Day Summer Activities

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Summer is a great time to plan exciting get-togethers and embrace the spirit of adventure within your friend groups.

As summer comes to an end and you find yourself looking for more things to do with your friends for a good time, you’ll be glad to hear that there’s still so much in store.

In this blog post, we've put together five activities you can do with your friends this summer to continue to keep your friendships exciting and fresh with new things to do.

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Host An Outdoor Aesthetic Picnic

Invite some of your girls to join you in an outdoor aesthetic picnic as a girls' day summer activity. There are many companies that now curate aesthetic decor with cozy blankets, soft pillows, and charming decorations in a cute setting.

Coupled with delicious finger foods and refreshing drinks, the picnic combines nature, creativity, and friendship, making it an ideal girls' day summer activity.

You can even take it a step further and set up little activities like journal exercises and balloon releases to add substance to the event.

Image Credit: Alejandra Ponce on Unsplash

Spend A Day at a Beach Resort Spa

Many beach resorts and even upscale hotels with beautiful pools have day passes that you and your girls can opt in for a day.

Beach resorts usually offer a range of amenities such as beachfront restaurants serving mouthwatering seafood, rejuvenating spa services, and exciting beach games to keep the day filled with excitement and adventure.

Spending the day at a beach resort is an ideal girls' day summer activity that promises relaxation, laughter, and a much-needed escape from your daily routine.

Sail on a Sunset Boat Cruise

You know when there’s a boat involved it’s bound to be a good time! Book a sunset boat cruise just for you and your girls this summer.

With friends by your side, you’ll get to take in the breathtaking views of your city as the sun dips below the horizon.

Take the time to engage in heartwarming and thoughtful conversations while sailing. You can even make it a special occasion of celebrating the friendship.

Image Credit: Mahogany Yacht Charters

Cook and Dine Together

Cooking and dining with your friends is an intimate activity that you can do to create another cherished experience among your group.

Choose one night to have a dinner where everyone will be in the kitchen together preparing an individual item to contribute to the larger dinner.

You can make a cute night out of it by printing out menus, setting up the table, and having glasses with everyone's names on it.

The act of preparing a meal together fosters a sense of togetherness, as you work side by side, sharing laughter and creating new memories.

Image Credit: Madie Hamilton on Unsplash

Rent An Airbnb in a New City for the Weekend

If you have friends who are up for an adventure, you can rent an airbnb in a new city for a weekend and have a mini getaway.

Choose a nearby city you have always wanted to explore more of, or even your own, find an Airbnb to stay in, and spend the weekend bonding indoors and outdoors within the city.

It's a chance to immerse yourself in a different setting with your friends and see new places.

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Aug 01, 2023



Eyvette  Bailey
Eyvette Bailey
Aug 01, 2023

Love the idea of these activities!!! Thanks for sharing .


Shirley McDowell
Shirley McDowell
Aug 01, 2023

Great ideas…….


Wine Tasting!


Jul 31, 2023

Fantastic ideas

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