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Tips for Connecting With Other Women

Updated: Sep 13

As a woman, connecting with other ladies can be beneficial for many reasons. In addition to contributing to your personal growth and increasing your social fulfillment, befriending like-minded women can also aid you in your career and professional life.

Let the little girls have their catty rivalries and constant comparison. Grown women recognize that when we come together, we are a powerful force to be reckoned with! Connecting with other women isn’t always second nature for everyone. Get inspired with these tips and use them to help you build new bonds with other queens.

Get Out and Attend Events

The first step in connecting with other women is to go places where you’re surrounded by them. Sure, you can make friends online, but there is no better way to build real, lasting connections than in person. As a member of Brown Skin Brunchin’, you’re already ahead of the game! You’re getting out to bond with other sisters over a shared interest. Continue attending events. When something is happening, be there. And be sure to accept invitations to new events to meet people outside of your groups.

Spark Up a Convo

Many of us struggle with the initial step of initiating conversation. If you’re introverted or on the shy side, you may find this particularly difficult. Well, you’ll be happy to know that you’re not alone, and also that there’s a good chance many of the sisters you meet will be friendly by nature. The next time you want to spark up a convo, try starting with a genuine compliment. Whether it’s her hairstyle or her shoes, you’re bound to find something you admire. From there, you can introduce yourself, or she might even do so first.

Offer Emotional Support

One of the things that makes a female-female friendship different from a female-male friendship is that two women will be able to understand and relate to one another much more. We are naturally more empathetic beings whose ability to listen makes us ideal talking partners. Over time, you may open up to one another and begin to share more. Be there to encourage and uplift your sister, and offer her validation and emotional support.

Engage in Mentorship

In addition to having someone to be there for you personally, you will want to meet women in your profession and others that you can learn from, and collaborate and network with. Look for mentors who can aid you in achieving your goals. Also, be a mentor to others and share your experience, knowledge, and expertise. Support one another’s careers and share useful industry connections and resources that will allow you both to level up and grow together.

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