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Springtime Activities To Try

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Winter is gone and it is now the season of flowers blooming, more sunshine and later sunsets. Spring is when we slowly put away the winter coats and start going outside more. Springtime for a lot of people who are coming out seasonal depression, signifies a fresh start and activates a social battery within. Some think of springtime as the kickoff for summertime. Here are a few springtime activities to put on your social calendar.

Photograph under cherry blossoms

What better way to get in the springtime spirit than getting some themed pictures with cherry blossoms. Despite Cherry blossom trees being popular in places like Japan & Paris, you can find the flowers in peak bloom between March-April in places like Washington D.C, San Francisco, and Seattle.


Grab your girls or your honey and have a sophisticated picnic under the sun. A picnic is the perfect way to take in the springtime breeze and enjoy a fancy charcuterie board and wine and catch up with friends.

Swan Boats

In a lot of places, it may not be warm enough to be in water but it’s a perfect time to be on the water. Swan boats are a perfect water activity. Places like Los Angeles & Chicago have swan boats and is the perfect activity day or night. Even if cities do not have swan boats, cities like Las Vegas and Miami will have boat rides for small groups. Some boats will allow you to bring wine and food onboard and rentals are usually 60-120 minutes.

Amusement Park

Amusement parks are open year-round, but springtime is the start of the year where the temperatures are more friendly when you are outdoors for hours at a time. While I would try to avoid end of March-Mid April to avoid the spring break crowds, this is the perfect time to visit your favorite theme park.

Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s market is also around on a year-round basis, but depending on weather conditions most cities might not get to experience the Farmer’s market regularly during the winter season. Farmer’s market is a great way to buy organic produce, flowers, and other health related foods. You also are supporting both small businesses and local farmers. Grocery shopping outside while indulging on a healthy lemonade or smoothie is a fun twist to your regular errand.

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Christina Jane
Christina Jane
Mar 31, 2023

Love the swan boats and farmer's market idea! You can find some real good items at a farmer's market!

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