Rooftop Brunchin' in Santa Monica

The name of this brunch spot sounds a little stuffy, but nothing about this place emits that vibe. Located in the heart of Santa Monica, this rooftop brunch spot offers a good brunch option for those in the area.

The Sonoma Wine Garden is located on the top floor of the mall near the Santa Monica pier. While the restaurant itself does not have a rooftop, it is on the top floor of its structure. The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating offers beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. If sitting outside enjoying the California rays aren’t your thing, there’s some nice seating options on the inside as well.

Each time we have had the pleasure of brunching at this spot there has been good music playing either by a DJ on site or through the sound system. When the DJ gets lively enough you can find a few of the patrons up dancing to the tunes after they have indulged

in the bottomless mimosa option offered.

Aside from the good location and amazing brunch vibe, the food is right on parr with the greatness of everything else. This rooftop brunch location in Santa Monica offers a simple menu. It is prefixed with classic favorites like steak and eggs or French toast and all of the other classic menu items you think of when you want to have brunch. The thing that makes this prefix brunch menu a unicorn of a brunch is is that included in the price of the prefixed menu you also get bottomless mimosas with your entree for $45. This price is a steal! Brunch spots in Los Angeles rarely offer you this much value for that price. You can not beat having bottomless mimosas and food at that price.

The staff is even more amazing. They are very engaging and interactive with the guests. They understand that the weekend means brunch and you are there to enjoy yourself. They will keep the bubbles flowing while you groove to the latest toons.

So if you are looking for a good place to have weekend brunch, make sure you check this spot out as it tops our list of favorite brunch options in Santa Monica and Los Angeles.

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