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Recap Realness: Brown Skin Brunchin Takes Afrotech

Updated: Sep 13

Brown Skin Brunchin had the pleasure of being apart of Afrotech as an entertainment partner and the experience did not disappoint. Last year's conference took place in Austin, TX November 13th-17th and Brown Skin Brunchin hosted the kickoff event with a sneaker ball brunch at the Line Hotel. The beautiful and spacious venue, the crafted cocktails, the full sized gift bags powered by Aunt Jackie's curls and coils contributed to the huge success of the event.

The Sneaker Ball served as the first large scale & co-ed event hosted by Brown Skin Brunchin and the experience did not disappoint. The guests did not disappoint in their sneakers and guests danced, drank and had a good time. On site interviews by captured by Afrotech was conducted with founders Lillian Jackson & Melissa Mason. The brunch was the perfect kickoff event to get the conference started.

After The Ball:

Once Brown Skin Brunchin pulled off an amazing event we decided to see what the rest of Afrotech had to offer and attended the JQ lifestyle rooftop mixer. The event was sponsored by Uncle Nearest and had delicious cocktails flowing and appetizing bites. While the entire group did not stay for the entire conference, it was clear that Afrotech is an event you should not miss. The ease of being able to network and meet new people is unbelievable. The amount of culture fused with professionalism is an experience that should not be passed up. Even if you are not in the tech industry, Afrotech has something for everyone in regards to career advancement opportunities, socializing and the large array of events participating in the conference. My advice to you, keep your eyes out for Afrotech 2023, as Brown Skin Brunchin will definitely return.

We are excited to do this event again this year and would love for you to join us! Contact us if you are interested in being a sponsor for this event.

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