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Manifest Your Dreams: How to Make a Vision Board

Updated: Jan 27

The start of a new year brings fresh optimism and motivation to reach for our biggest hopes and dreams. Harness that driven energy into creating a inspirational vision board – a visualized collage of images, quotes, and affirmations representing your goals and ideal future. Having this tangible representation of your innermost desires can help manifest them into reality.

Follow these tips for crafting your own vision board that turns aspirations into achievements throughout the year:

Mine Magazines and Printouts

Start collecting images, words, and phrases that resonate with you from magazines, websites, catalogs, calendars, and even product packaging. Let instinct guide you – if an image catches your attention, adds it to the pile. Print out or cut out any motivational quotes or affirmations that ignite that spark as well. You can also take a look at the kits listed at the bottom of this article that come with an array of photo options.

Categorize and Curate

Once you have a healthy heap of vision board fodder, sift through it to identify common themes and start sorting pieces into categories. You’ll likely see groupings emerge around goals relating to career, relationships, self-growth, health, travel, creativity etc. Curate the most impactful selections under each aspiration area.

Pick the Backdrop

Select a foundation to build your board upon. Many people use poster boards or large canvases for ample room to affix items. Corkboards also give you removable flexibility as goals shift. Consider framing your completed vision board to elevate it into an inspirational art installation destined for your office, kitchen, bedroom or other space you frequent.

Arrange and Affix

Start laying out categories and images in intuitive ways on your backdrop. Play with positioning and balance across the board. Take time making thoughtful placements and connections between pictures, affirmations and quotes. Once the arrangement feels aligned, firmly adhere items with sticky putty, pins or glue.

Display with Intention

Mount your manifested dreams proudly in a spot you will see daily as a grounding visual reminder. Revisit it often and spend moments taking it in to fuel motivation. Refresh it annually or as goals change to keep it feeling relevant. Use it as meditation “art” to visualize attainments coming to fruition.

With consistent attention and belief, amazingly achievable dreams sometimes require simply seeing them in order start materializing into reality. Let your new vision board be the blueprint for purposeful creation this coming year.

Need supplies? Check out these vision board kits for Black Women on Amazon.

Vision Board Book for Black Women - 800+ Vision Board Images

Manifest Your Goals with The 2024 Vision Board Book for Black Women

Dream bigger and live more boldly with the newly updated, enhanced Vision Board inspiration guide designed specifically for ambitious, driven Black women chasing greatness in 2024 and beyond.

Packed with over 800 carefully curated images spanning every aspect of life, this vision board master workbook delivers next-level goal visualization unlike any other. Find limitless motivation in photos and uplifting quotes centered on:

✔ Building careers

✔ Expanding families

✔Boosting health + wellness

✔Exploring passions

✔ Traveling the world

✔ And living life to the absolute fullest!

Say YES to the goals, life, and woman you were created to be. This game-changing vision board book helps get you there!

Self Imagined Vision Board Kit and App

Manifest Your Goals with The Vision Board Kit for Black Women Visualize, actualize, and bring your dreams to life with our all-in-one vision board kit thoughtfully designed to uplift and empower ambitious Black women. What’s Inside:

  • Tri-fold vision board with 27 slots to display 200 inspirational double-sided cards with photos, affirmations & quotes

  • Workbook with guided self-reflection exercises, gratitude journaling prompts, goal setting frameworks & planner

  • Convenient carry case so you can transport your vision board anywhere

Key Benefits: ✔Inspiring and inclusive images that promote self-love and positive identity ✔Save time and paper with interchangeable cards to update goals ✔Workbook builds mindset shifts crucial to achievement ✔Carry case keeps vision board protected yet portable ✔Sync with our Self Imagined app to digitize your goals & track progress

When you can clearly see your dreams, they can more easily become reality. Let our vision board kit help you manifest the life you deserve while cultivating inner strength and purpose.

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Dec 30, 2023

I actually have this book but I'm using it to create my inspiration board😍!!

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Me too I have this book

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