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Introducing “City Uncovered: A Series of Curated Mini Travel Guides for Travel Enthusiasts"

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

With brunchers in over 87 cities around the world, we are excited to announce our new blog series: "City Uncovered: A Series of Curated Mini Travel Guides for Travel Enthusiasts!"

As you make your way to brunches all over the world to connect with other Brown Skin Brunchin' women, we want to provide you with guides that will help you navigate the cities we have established chapters in.

We are thrilled to embark on this journey of discovery, where we'll be delving deep into the hearts of some of the most captivating cities around the globe where many of our women reside.

Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash

From the bustling streets of vibrant metropolises to the quaint charm of hidden gems, our city guides are designed to be your bestfriend when navigating the ins and outs of these diverse landscapes. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a curious explorer needing assistance with planning, our series aims to bring you a front-row seat to must-visit attractions, hotel accommodations, places to eat, and lesser-known spots that each city has to offer.

From San Francisco to Washington, DC, every Saturday, you can expect to see a new city guide right here on our blog.

So, prepare with us as we dive into the essence of each city's culture, and let the journey of exploration begin!

Here is a sneak peek of what each guide will include:

Why This City

The "Why This City" section will give an overview of the city being featured. We want to highlight what makes this city worth visiting, the history behind the city, and more so you know exactly what you're getting yourself into!

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

Why You Should Visit

Once you have your overview, we will dive into some of the things this city is known for. What makes the city worth a trip, what you want to look out for, what you have to look forward to, etc. By the time you're done reading these sections, we'll have you wanting to research the next flights out!

Photo by Eva Darron on Unsplash

Where to Stay

What's a city guide without giving you great accommodations to compliment your trip? Whether it's a popular hotel in the city or a lowkey Airbnb that will give you an unique experience at the destination, we've got you covered!

Photo by Tom Podmore on Unsplash

Where to Have Brunch

Now you know it wouldn't be right if we sent you to a city without telling you where to brunch! Thankfully, our Brown Skin Brunchin' ladies have hosted the livest brunch events in all of our cities so we know exactly where to send you for a good meal and good time.

Photo by Kate Darmody on Unsplash

Catch the Next Brunch In This City:

If there is an upcoming brunch being hosted by one of our ambassadors, we will include it in our guide so you can have it on your radar!

Photo by Brown Skin Brunchin'

Things to Do

The best part of visiting any city is all of the unique travel experiences that await you once you arrive. We will find some of the best things for you to add to your itinerary to make sure that you have a great time and every minute is filled with excitement.

Photo by Jeneque Pinnock

We are so excited to be launching our city guides and can't wait to share the first one with you next week!

Have any cities you're hoping are featured? Let us know in the comments!

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Unknown member
Aug 16, 2023

Can’t wait to read about the different cities and where to have brunch and reside in them.


Aug 15, 2023

What a marvelous idea! Looking forward to the content.




This is awesome


Thank you for sharing - my interest has been sparked and I am looking forward to your next post on “City Uncovered”.

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