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Hot Girl Summer Living: Summertime Activities to try

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Summer is upon us and it’s time to get prepared for an amazing summer. Don’t find yourself heavily anticipating summertime and then let the days go by without doing a fraction of things you want to try. Grab your girls and make the memories you have been waiting all year to make. Here is a list of things to do to make this summer one to remember.

1. Beach Bonfire:

Nothing says summertime like the day at the beach. But what makes a day at the beach epic is hosting an evening/night bonfire at the beach. It’s a party that you do not have to do much planning for. Whether its potluck style or you decide to be the gracious host and provide everything, a bonfire is one of the best summer activities to do. Not all beaches will allow bonfires, so it is best to research which beaches in your area allow them. Grab some smores and wood and have a bonfire your guests won’t forget.

2. Music/food/wine festival:

Festivals are everywhere during the summer season. Whether it is a food, wine, or mini music festival, don’t think you can’t have fun if it’s not a 10,000-attendee concert. Community festivals are a great way to make friends or enjoy the day with your gang. Places like Los Angeles and Las Vegas hosts activities like jazz festivals, concert & picnic at the Hollywood Bowl or even wine festivals. Do your research and you are sure to find a ton of these amazing events in your area or even int eh next city over.

3. Pool Parties:

When you think of summertime, a pool party is possibly everyone’s top three activity to do. Nothing says great vibes like putting on your swimsuit, enjoying great music, food, and frolicking in the pool. If none of your friends have a pool, look into Airbnb’s. some residences will allow you to have x number of guests host a pool party for an hourly rate. If that’s not your scene, find a chic hotel in your city and pay for a day pass that will give you access to their pool and other amenities.

4. Day Parties:

Remember the days of our early 20’s where we usually didn’t start the evening of festivities until 9pm. These days we aim to be home and in bed by that time. This is largely why day parties have become so popular over the last 5 years. People in their 30’s and up tend to gravitate towards day parties because they can party in the afternoon and be home by 7pm to get ready for work the next day. Day parties can be found on a year-round basis in most cities, but summertime is when they are the most popular. Places like NYC, DC, and Los Angeles have become some of the most popular scenes for day parties.

5. Wineries

What is better than trying delicious flights of wine at a luxurious vineyard? Hardly anything. Wineries make great group trips anytime, but the amazing summer weather is an added bonus. If you find yourself in a neighborhood that houses several wineries, you can make wine tasting a full day activity.

6. Day trips:

Want to get out of your city but don’t have $1000 or more for a trip. That is quite all right. You can arrange a day trip to an adjacent city and fill the day with activities and sights for 24 hours and head home. If you are less than two hours from cities like San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, NYC, Seattle or other hotspots then you can arrange a day trip. Get 3-4 of your closest friends and everyone pick an activity and see how you can turn things into a 1-day itinerary. If everyone can spare, you can get overnight accommodations as it will still be cheaper than leaving town for multiple days. Start your morning with brunch, then engage in an upbeat activity like horseback riding, A-TV’s, wine tour. You would then take a chill with lunch and followed by another activity. If you are staying overnight, you can squeeze in dinner or a night activity. Even better tips, the earlier you plan your trip and pay for certain excursions prior to the trip it won’t feel as if you are spending so much at once.

7. Movies at the park:

Movies at the park is probably one of my favorite activities. Because the sun is setting later, you get to watch the sunset, enjoy a flick but not be bound to the same rules and etiquette as in a traditional movie theater. If you want to strike up a conversation, it’s hardly likely it will disturb others. If you want to take 15 minutes to go get snacks, the movie is right there so you don’t miss a thing. Check in with your city, as there are probably outdoor movie showings happening all across town and summertime is when it is most popular.

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