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Five ways to practice self-care

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Self-care is trending more than ever today. All over social media you see content centered around women putting their mental health and wellness as a priority. A lot of people might still be confused on what they think self-care is. The truth is self-care can be whatever you want it to be. Whether you prefer luxury visits to the spa or chic Pilates studio in your cutest athleisure, your definition of self-care is yours to make. We do not discriminate. In case you are on the start of your self care journey or just want to incorporate new practices, here are some great self-care tips to try.

1. Meditation:

Meditation is an amazing tool that can help calm down the noise within. Taking as little as 10 minutes in the morning to do a meditation can have a great effect on the rest of your day. Meditation can bring clarity, patience and reduce stress and negative emotions. Taking the moment to prioritize peace in your day will never steer you wrong.

2. Solo date:

Make some time for yourself in a social setting. These days we can be so busy with our families, friends, and co-workers, we hardly make time for us. And if we do, it’s usually a night at home with wine and Netflix. Make it a priority to take yourself on a date once or twice a month. Go to a nice restaurant, see that new movie, go to the museum. The options are abundant. Making it habit to do fun things alone also teaches you to enjoy your own company. When you enjoy your own company, you are less likely to spend excessive amounts of time around people and situations that don’t fulfill you for the sake of avoiding being alone.

3. Walk:

Don’t underestimate the power of a good walk. Walking has its physical benefits as doing it on a regular basis combined with a healthy diet can lead to weight loss, but the mental benefits are just as great. Going on a 30-minute walk can help with relieving stress, improve sleep, and increase energy. A walk can be done solo, or you can find a local walking group to meet up with.

4. Spa Day:

I love the spa. You can’t go wrong. There is nothing quite as relaxing as spending a day soaking in different jacuzzi rooms, saunas and treating yourself to a 5-star massage or scrub. Day passes for entrance to spas can range from $30-100 and massages and other treatments can start at $50. If you’re looking for a good deal, sites like Groupon will have amazing discounts.

5. Nothing:

Like I stated earlier, there are very little rules to self-care. The purpose is to do something that nourishes you from the inside-out and can give you a sense of satisfaction and peace outside of the normal hustle and bustle of your everyday life. If that means putting your phone on Do not disturb, making yourself a cocktail and putting on a movie, then that is what you do. Make self-care something special to you. If it feels forced or uncomfortable, then find other alternatives. Self-care is about loving yourself and the process.

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Self-care is crucial for maintaining a balanced and healthy life. If you don't take care of yourself first; you won't be able to offer the best version of you to anyone else. My first step is to break the habit of over-commiting and scheduling. I must realize that I can't be all things to all people and it's okay to say, No. This article is a good reminder that I need to intentionally incorporate more spa and do nothing days😊

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