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Brunch spots to try: Las Vegas Edition

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Photo Cred: Google Images

Las Vegas is known for its decadent restaurants & buffets that offer everything you want and more. While the most popular restaurants may sit on the Las Vegas strip, the entire city itself has a plethora of hidden gems that are loved by the local Vegas community. The Stove, located in Henderson, about 15 minutes southeast of the strip has everything you can ask for when you think of a brunch spot.

When you hear the saying “big things come in little packages,” The stove fits that description. Nestled in a shopping center you could easily pass by this restaurant and think it is nothing more than a mom & pop Shop café. That couldn’t be further from the truth. When you walk in you immediately immersed into a light, floral cozy atmosphere that is all things brunch. The Stove is open from 9am-4pm and offers brunch all day. The setting includes multiple backdrops perfect for your social media content and the atmosphere is perfect for a girl’s day or large group event.

The food comes with nice sized portions and all for a great price. There are lots of delicious options so no matter your cravings you will find something you like. A few of my personal favorites include the chicken & waffles entrée, breakfast tacos and the salmon bagel. The bottomless mimosas are $25 per person and there are a wide variety of cocktails to try.

Fav Part: Every day is Brunch

While there is no shortage of brunch spots over the weekend it can be a challenge to find a brunch spot during the week. But the stove delivers the same deals every day. That includes bottomless mimosas! If you find yourself taking a Wednesday off work or have your best friend come into town and you want a weekday brunch, The Stove is definitely the place to be.

Least fav Part: The Location

As a person who lives in Henderson, I love the location. After brunch I can be home in about 7-10 minutes. But if you are making plans for things to do after brunch, you will have to do some traveling. When you are on the strip, Lake Las Vegas or even certain neighborhoods going to your next activity will be a very quick drive or even a quick walk. Since The Stove is in a residential area, the nearby options are limited. It won’t be an hour drive but unless you want a trip to Target, which is in the same shopping center, be prepared for a bit of travel to your next destination.

Bottom line: The Stove has it all. A quaint restaurant with a large personality. It has the ambiance that gives people FOMO when you post your social media content, delicious food and drinks that always lives up to the hype and even includes an outdoor patio for guests to mingle. Do yourself a favor and pay The Stove a visit and you will not regret it.

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