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Brunch Spots To Try: L.A. Edition

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Photo Credit: Instagram/MetherataBar

You could easily walk by Met her at a bar and think it’s your regular café. You may not even throw the restaurant name out when you and friends are considering a brunch spot for your next Sunday funday. However, Met her at a bar is sure to become one of your newest brunch faves.

Located on La Brea Avenue and situated in the Mid-City hotspot, Met her at a bar is a quaint café with a fantastic menu. Situated away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and/or Santa Monica, this low key gem is sure to deliver in terms of decadent food, delicious cocktails, and

Photo Credit: Instagram/MetherataBar

fabulous service by its staff. Despite its cozy demeanor, this place is a hotspot and seeing lines to get a reservation isn’t uncommon. With vegan and vegetarian options there is something on the menu for everyone.

Fav part: The Butter!!!!

How is the best part of someone’s brunch butter? Well, if you’ve tasted it, you would understand. With most of the food items, comes a small side of butter. At first you think nothing of it until you take a bite of your meal and realize there is something different about the normally bland condiment. It makes your order twice as delicious. What’s the recipe? According to a server, maple syrup and cinnamon mixed into the butter creates a decadent blend for your order.

Photo Credit: Instagram/MetherataBar

Least Fav part: No Bottomless mimosas

There is no doubt that bottomless mimosas can be a make-or-break element for brunch. So, it was a tad disappointing to know that bottomless was not on the menu. However, the quality and portions of the food is still worth paying this restaurant a visit. Met her at a bar has a dazzling champagne and wine infused cocktail menu for as low as $12. Feeling extra sweet? You can add cotton candy to your mimosa for a mere $2.

Bottom line: This isn’t the place you go to for aesthetically pleasing Instagram content and it isn’t the brunch spot that’s half restaurant, half day party. However, if you are looking for a low key brunch with a few friends or S.O and want a quality meal along with a few mimosas, Met her at A bar is the place to be. This place is even great if you have a crazy night before and you just want to grab and go. If you find yourself too late to make brunch, no worries, just visit their brother restaurant Met HIM at a bar just across the street for dinner.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Metheratabar

Photo Credit: Instagram/Metheratabar

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