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Bottoms Up! Black-Owned Spirits to Try

What’s your alcohol of choice? Regardless of what you prefer, chances are there’s a Black-owned spirits brand that makes it. Long underrepresented in the spirits industry, Black entrepreneurs are changing the narrative, bringing quality liquors to bars, restaurants, clubs, stores, and homes near you. Next time you’re shopping to replenish your stock, try one of these fine Black-owned spirits brands.

Brunch in a Bottle

Brunch in a Bottle is a must-have for your at-home brunches. No need to be a mixologist to enjoy the perfect cocktail. Simply open, pour, and drink. The brand’s delicious, versatile flavors include Peach Mango sparkling wine and Moscato.

Exclave Spirits

Exclave Spirits pays homage to the lost stories and contributions of Black people who have advanced distilled spirits. Operating under the principles of authenticity, freedom, and self-determination, the brand offers whiskeys of the Rye and Bourbon varieties.

B. Stuyvesant Champagne

This Champagne is named for the Brooklyn neighborhood in which the owner was raised. Unsatisfied with the brands available on the market, she traveled to France to create her own, and now offers Reserve, Rose, Demi Sec, and along with other options.

Bayab Gins

Bayab produces award-winning gin crafted and bottled in South Africa using botanicals from the Baobab tree of life. In addition to its African Classic Dry variety, the brand will soon offer Burnt Orange & Marula and African Rose Water flavors.

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