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5 Women-Owned Brunch Spots in the U.S.

Updated: Sep 13

We can’t let Women’s History Month go by without spotlighting some women-owned brunch spots right here in the U.S. you can spend your dollars with as you continue to check some places off your brunchin’ bucket list.

Running any establishment as a woman is no easy feat. The restaurant industry is known to be challenging, so whenever you get the chance to spend your dollars in support of a women-owned brunch location, it’s a win for us all!

From Atlanta to Tampa, here are 5 women-owned brunch spots in the United States to keep on your radar.

Photo by KB Styled

1. Coffee + Spice - Greenville, North Carolina

Black Owned

Coffee + Spice is a neighborhood coffee shop and restaurant in Greenville, NC, whose purpose goes beyond serving hot drinks and hearty meals. Coffee + Spice prides itself on highlighting the historical and cultural origins of spices. The restaurant is known for its cozy neighborhood vibe, resulting in its great reputation in the Greenville community.

2. Gocha’s Breakfast Bar - Atlanta, Georgia

Black Owned

Owned by celebrity hairstylist Gocha Hawkins, Gocha’s Breakfast Bar is located in the Cascade area of Atlanta and offers a fun yet chic brunch vibe for brunch-goers to enjoy. Based on the reviews, it looks like the food speaks for itself. Hawkins intentionally set up her restaurant in a Black community, so consider stopping by for a serving of Georgia Peach Stacked Pancakes when in the ATL!

Photo by @gochasbreakfastbar on Instagram

3. Oeste Oakland - Oakland, California

Black Owned

If you’re in the Bay Area or heading that way soon, you’ll be pleased to learn about Oeste Oakland. Serving up a fusion of Latino and Southern flavors in the kitchen, Oeste is a rooftop bar, cafe, and restaurant in one. With a live DJ present, you can expect to be up and out of your seat during this brunch outing.

4. Brunch Harlem - New York, NY

Black Owned

Brunch at any time of the day, anyone? Brunch Harlem can help with that! This spot is known for its all-day “elevated seafood brunch experience,” as they describe it. The dining area also includes a window that will give you a peek behind the scenes of the restaurant's foundation: the kitchen. From seafood paella to shrimp & grits, the Brunch Harlem is not trying to let you leave hungry no matter what time you choose to go through those doors!

5. Oxford Exchange - Tampa, Florida

If you want to do brunch in a chic setting, Oxford Exchange will be a place to look into. This establishment serves weekday breakfast, weekend brunch, and afternoon tea in the well-decorated “dining room with a great view of the kitchen or the sunlit Conservatory.

You can even head over to the champagne bar for a sparkling glass of wine before your dish comes out or while you browse the shop for bath and body products. One thing is for sure, your brunch experience here will feel like a magical escape from reality.


Have any other women-owned brunch spots in the U.S. our brunchers should be aware of? Feel free to comment them below, so we know where to go!

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