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Latricia Taylor

Jacksonville Ambassador

Latricia N. Taylor, is a wife, mother, grandmother and a Serial Entrepreneur with 15+ years experience in business and owns and operates 3 small businesses.  In addition, Latricia is CEO/Founder of The Chasity Taylor Foundation Inc., which is her pride and joy.  Through her Foundation, Latricia and her team are making great positive impacts in their community serving over 3k families to-date. 

Latricia is an Author with five self-published books/Journals on Amazon and other online sites.  She also has articles published in online magazines such as Sheen.  Latricia is a Real Estate Agent who covers the Northeast Florida area. In addition, Latricia is an Empowerment Strategist where she has assisted several new entrepreneurs start and revamp their business, as well as provide book and business coaching and consultation.

Latricia was recognized with the following awards:  2019 ACHI Philanthropist of the Year, 2020 Fearless Woman, 2020 Game Changer, and nominated for a 2020 Community Impact Leader award.  Latricia has been featured in the online magazines CanvaRebel, VoyageATL, VoyageJax, UrbanCEO Magazine as well seen and heard on Local Radio, TV & Podcast shows including Podcast in London UK.

Latricia holds a Bachelor of Science degree in paralegal studies, a Master’s of Science degree in Administrative Justice & Security and Latricia is all but ABD for her doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership & Management.

Latricia enjoys hanging out with her family and friends relaxing and spending quality time enjoying life. Latricia’s hobbies include gardening and crocheting.

One thing that Latricia is passionate about is the work she does with her Foundation to help and support the youth and families in her community because our young black girls and guys need not just role models but people who truly care about their future.  Latricia joined Brown Skin Brunchin because she wanted to step out of her comfort zone to meet and network with other positive Black Queens in her city. She is looking forward to continue to network with other women locally and nationally while having fun Brunchin.

Latricia Taylor
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