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Aisha Evans

New York City Ambassador

Although she currently resides in New Jersey, Aisha is a true New York native as she has lived in each of the five boroughs and on Long Island. However, she is most proud of her family’s deep Southern roots. Mix those NYC smarts and attitude with a bit of Southern charm and values, and you get a real NYC-Bama!

Aisha has 20+ years of experience in promoting social justice causes and working to motivate and assist people in pursuing their academic and career goals in the healthcare industry. She is a higher education professional with one of the largest labor unions in the country. Advocating for these frontline workers has long been her passion, which became even more prevalent during the pandemic. Moreover, she takes every opportunity possible to participate in activities and groups that promote REI work in the fields of healthcare and higher academia.

The most important aspect of Aisha’s life is her family. She is heavily involved in the lives and activities of her core and extended family. Aisha believes strongly that her family roots her in all that makes her who she is. She strives to continue this with her children, nieces, and nephews using the “each one teach one” model. Aisha believes that this type of feeling, care, and teaching must be applied to all young people in our community until they all truly believe they are their sisters’ and brothers’ keepers.

Aisha joined Brown Skin Brunchin’ because she found that friend circles changed, and sometimes decreased, in adulthood. Making real connections is not always easy in adulthood, especially when life is so busy. Self-care and great experiences became a priority. It was important to her to identify a space where likeminded women could come together to encourage and support each other. Best of all, they could share, laugh, network, and build real friendships over some chicken and waffles and a cocktail or two. Throw in some good ole’ Motown R&B and Aisha is here for it!

Aisha Evans
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