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You can sit with us: 3 types of friends you need at Brunch

Photo Cred: Instagram/BrownSkinBrunchin

Brunch wouldn’t be brunch if you didn’t have the perfect squad. And while choosing your brunch mates isn’t something nearly as critical as selecting travel buddies or bridesmaids, who you choose to indulge in Sunday Funday with can make or break your brunch date. Here’s a rundown of three types of friends you need at brunch.

1. Friends that roll with the punches: These days restaurants are still recovering from covid lockdown, and some are not still operating at 100% capacity, which means sometimes restaurants won’t be fully staffed. As a result, sometimes your order can take longer than expected, you may not get the table with the killer view. Hiccups will happen. And while you may not take these changes with a large grin on your face, it’s important to roll with friends who are ok with last minute changes or adjustments. Word of advice, if you have a friend that will have her day ruined by a 30-minute wait or finding out her favorite drink is no longer on the menu, leave them at home!

Photo Cred: Instagram/BrownSkinBrunchin

2. Friends that compliment your energy: A lot of times different vibes are appreciated with outings. For brunch, it is important that you invite the group that brings the energy you desire at brunch. If a friend just had a breakup and she is not looking for a fun time but a chance to sob over her mimosa flight, the best option is to choose a quieter restaurant and only invite friends who can be a listening and supportive ear. If everyone except one person is in a party mood and you end up at a brunch that has a live dj and flowing Casamigos’ shooters, that one person may feel like the odd man out and may best desire a more low key activity. Bottom line, energy is everything when brunch invites go out.

Photo Cred: Instagram/BrownSkinBrunchin

3. Friends that know social boundaries: When the drinks are flowing it’s so easy for a good time to turn into a great time. And that’s the goal at brunch. However, if you have a friend who gets a little too tipsy and turns each event into needing to be cared for and carried out of brunch, that can get old & embarrassing…quickly! The best brunch friends are the ones that can have an amazing brunch, feel great but not turn into a drunken mess.

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