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Fresh Starts and Friendships: New Year’s Resolution Ideas

The new year brings a sense of possibility, a chance to better ourselves or try something new. Setting thoughtful, achievable New Year’s resolutions allows us to channel that motivated energy into personal growth. If you’re struggling for inspiration, here are some New Year's resolution ideas focused specifically on building meaningful connections and strong relationships.

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Reach Out to Three Old Friends

Reconnecting with people who once played big roles in our lives often brings immense joy while also allowing us to see how much we’ve grown. Commit to reaching out to three formerly close friends you’ve lost touch with over the years – whether it’s that childhood bestie you can’t recall the last time you spoke or college roommates you keep saying you’ll meet up with eventually. Arrange a phone or video chat to catch up.

Make New Friends Outside Your Current Circles

Venturing beyond our existing social bubbles connects us to fresh perspectives and new dimensions of ourselves. Push yourself to make some new connections through venues like local classes, professional networks, clubs centered on hobbies you enjoy, volunteer activities – anywhere that allows you to regularly interact with new people. Trade contact info with one or two you really connect with to further the friendship.

Schedule Biweekly Social Events

Consistent social interaction keeps relationships alive. Yet it’s easy to go longer than we’d like between catching up with people when life gets busy. Commit to biweekly social events to stay connected – whether it’s a Sunday brunch, Friday happy hour drinks, going to a local show or game, or another recurring hangout idea your friends would enjoy.

Learn a New Skill (Together)

Trying novel experiences together builds strong bonds. Pick a skill you’ve always wanted to learn like woodworking, calligraphy, kayaking, dance, or painting. Recruit two to three friends interested in learning alongside you. Form an informal cohort commiting to regular practice and progress sessions together. It may reveal untapped talents and lead to lifelong shared hobbies.

Lean on and listen to your support network if you ever struggle with resolution progress. Focus on enjoying the journey of friendship-building as much as any destination. With the right intentions and reasonable efforts, the new year can deliver meaningful new connections and strengthened ties that make life richer.

Speaking of meeting impressive new people, I'd be remiss not to mention the incredible events held by Brown Skin Brunchin’. This organization brings together inspiring women of color monthly over brunch to connect, uplift, and empower one another. Attending a local Brown Skin Brunchin’ is perfectly aligned with any resolutions around purposefully expanding your community. And the conversations always leave attendees feeling energized and motivated to bring positive change. If joining a supportive, vibrant sisterhood dedicated to celebrating and empowering women of color isn’t already on your 2024 intentions list, it should be! Make Brown Skin Brunchin' a priority – the personal growth, new insights, and camaraderie will undoubtedly enrich your life in the new year and beyond.

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