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Contributor Guidelines

We're interested in hearing your stores.  At Brown Skin Brunchin', we're always looking for posts/articles submitted by our readers. 


We want to hear pieces that showcase your authentic brunch experiences. 


Brown Skin Brunchin' is an empowerment organization for women of color.  The majority of our audience are Black women between the ages of 21-45.  We have an engaged social media following and email list, and are on the lookout for potential investors to help grow our social platform.  

All content published on Brown Skin Brunchin' is created with a purpose in mind:  Bringing together women of color in a supportive manner.  Whether we are talking about black owned restaurants, helping guide women through how to network or just giving out tips that are beneficial to women of color we do it as a way to provide women with a safe space to meet other women with similar interests.  The tone of our platform is laid back, casual & authentic just like our brunches.




Here are the guidelines that will give you an idea of what we're looking for.  When you are ready to submit, send your fully written piece or pitch to and title your email: "Pitch: [Your Story Idea]".


Your email should include the following:

  • Your full name

  • Short Bio

  • Social Media handles

  • Other pitch ideas you might have for future pitches

What we are looking for in your submission:

  • Only ONE affiliate link or promotional link is allowed

  • Articles must be a minimum of 800 words and a maximum of 2000

    • Any good SEO expert knows that the longer the article, the better.  Reading a piece on our site should be an experience.  We want to take our site visitors on a journey.

    • Articles should be conversational, easy to read and consist of fairly short paragraphs (4-8 sentences).

  • Easy to read, SEO optimized headlines that generate interest.

  • Convey a conversational tone that utilize active voice instead of passive.

  • Your submission should include an introduction, conclusion, bullet points (if possible). 

  • You should use eye catching headlines.

  • Do not forget the importance of spell check!

  • All content must be original.  Do not republish submitted content that has already been published on our site or another site.  When you submit your content to us, you are giving us the right to the content.

Payment for Content

Our group is currently self funded and run by two women.  This platform has been our passion and has grown through our hard work and the use of our own funds. We believe in supporting other women and want to help you fuel your passion.  Our content submissions if published will receive a flat rate of $25 US dollars (USD) per article published on the site. 


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