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Yolina Owens

Atlantic City Ambassador

Yolina is a socialite in the Southern New Jersey area and member of community organizations such as Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and Camden Services. She is a mom, wife and teacher by day, after her work day ends, Yolina puts her all into her purpose, certified life coaching and helping people prepare for life (nutrition planning, hospitality, career and education transitions, as well as family resolutions.

Yolina joined Brown Skin Brunchin' because she enjoys creating a space for likeminded women to come together to network, talk, laugh, bond and celebrate one another. As business women, we have so much on our plate but we have to make time for ourselves!

Yolina believes that the key to making life worth living--- we are the keepers of our happiness, it starts with our own mindset. Networking with others and celebrating accomplishments can bring a level of joy to make the challenging days a lot easier to handle.

Yolina Owens
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