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Tysheonia Edwards

Atlanta Ambassador

Tysheonia is a true southern belle, born and raised in the metro Atlanta area. She has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and is currently obtaining a Master's in Public Administration with a concentration in Non-Profit Organizations. Tysheonia has always had a passion for helping others especially the youth as she's dedicated to helping our future leaders. She has many experiences in youth development that have led her to help youth in workforce development. Tysheonia has helped youth across Atlanta obtain valuable career skills.

When Tysheonia isn't helping with the enrichment of youth, she hones in on her passion for travel. She has traveled the world as her mother was in the Air Force. Tysheonia can't decide on the best place she's had the pleasure of visiting but put her near a beach and she will fall in love.

Tysheonia joined Brown Skin Brunchin' because she wants to develop her leadership skills. She also enjoys meeting new people and partaking in new experiences. Tysheonia takes pride in making people feel welcome and comfortable as they venture out and explore new interest. Lastly, being a part of an all female organization is a powerful thing to Tysheonia.

Tysheonia Edwards
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