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Tierra Miller

Kansas City Ambassador

Tierra was born and raised in Kansas City, MO. She is currently an Echo Coordinator for The University Kansas Health System, and she is celebrating her 10-year anniversary. She has a beautiful/talent teen daughter that has been participating in the Kansas City Chiefs Youth cheerleading since the age of 6.

Tierra also started her own business T. Nicole Events in 2017. She has coordinated and decorated several weddings, events and been a planner among her friends. Planning events has been her greatest achievement in her life. Tierra currently created T.Nicole Bridal website where you can find everything you need for  your special day and more!

In her spare time, Tierra enjoys traveling, dancing, reading, outdoor festivals, Kansas City BBQ, and her personal relationship with God. If there is a new restaurant to try, She’s there!

Tierra came across Brown Skin Brunchin on social media and wanted to attend, but her hometown was not listed. Tierra believes Kansas City is the new modern location for cultural activities and things to do. She is excited to be an Ambassador for Brown Skin Brunchin and is looking forward to creating a genuine sisterhood, network, laughs and most importantly to have fun! They say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.  I say, it starts with a Mimosa, too!

Tierra Miller
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