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Stephanie Cooper

Los Angeles Ambassador

Stephanie is a socialite in southern California and a consummate hostess. An empty nester, Stephanie takes on additional activities as an elementary school teacher in Hemet. She has received a grant from Home Depot to create a school garden and established CROWN EMPOWERMENT for the cultural enrichment and leadership of students of color. An avid traveler, Stephanie has visited more than 9 countries... only 186 more to go!

A native of Southern California (Carson), Stephanie attended college at the University of Oregon on a basketball scholarship. She finished her undergraduate studies at Cal State Dominguez Hills. Stephanie enjoys solo travel, and most recently spent a week in the (real) jungle alone. Teaching became a passion after working in the entertainment industry for 15 years. As a publicist and later Director of A&R at a major record label, Stephanie has a very diverse employment history. Once she caught the "teaching" bug, there would never be any other choice. This also has

Stephanie's mantra and ringtone (LOL) is "Living Life Like It's Golden!" She approaches every day, every experience with the same enthusiasm. Lover of good wine, an occasional cigar, everything off the beaten trail, all things crafty, gardening, and good vibes, Stephanie loves outdoor jazz and festivals. Take no one and nothing for granted... ever. Time is so precious and not promised,

After moving to the Inland Empire, Stephanie came across Brown Skin Brunchin' on social media. The first couple of events she tried to attend were sold out before she could RSVP, but ever diligent she got in and became hooked. The conversations, advice, camaraderie, network, and genuine sisterhood created a bond that she wanted to continue to participate in.

Mother. Sister. Friend. Traveler. Adventurist. Educator. Bruncher.

Stephanie Cooper
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