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Sadie Woods

New York City Ambassador

MS. Sadie Woods is a native of New York and currently resides in Bronx, NY. She is a graduate of NSU and Strayer University with two bachelor’s degrees in Psychology: Mental Health and Clinical Psychology. As well as a master’s degree in Health Service Administration. When she is not overseeing government medical contractors.

MS Sadie enjoy traveling, shopping, mediating, yoga, and sports. As a former amateur boxer, boxing is part of my sports leisure activity for fitness along with the fundamentals and integrate mixed martial arts too. And other long list of fun and memorable activities and events. One thing that MS Sadie passionate about is being active in the community because of long jeopardy and a active member in different organizations and sororities.

She joined Brown Skin Brunchin because it’s a special gathering, to get together, socialize , enjoy one another’s presence, and food has a way of bringing individuals together. Brunch reinforces the benefits of communal eating, its an experience

Sadie Woods
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