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Nikki Love

Sacramento Ambassador

Nikki was born in Buffalo, New York. She is now living in Stockton, CA and graduated from University of Phoenix with my Masters in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in behavioral health.

Nikki currently works as a Social Worker Supervisor for a foster care and adoption agency. She also work part time for a local hospital as a Psychiatric Evaluator. Nikki is passionate about black mental wellness and selfceare so much that is also a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, certified in all states.

In her spare time, she enjoy reading, and belong to a pretty dope black book club. She absolutely love spending time with my kids and husband, as well as brunching, hence why she joined Brown Skin Brunchin.

Nikki joined Brown Skin Brunchin' because she love to meet and network with like minded individuals. She truly believe that like-minded individuals elevate one another.

Nikki Love
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