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Laquana Price

Las Vegas Ambassador

Meet Laquana "Que" Price, a beacon of ambition and style from Massachusetts, now illuminating the vibrant city of Las Vegas, NV. Que's multifaceted journey is marked by academic excellence and leadership in education, paralleled only by her entrepreneurial spirit as the proud owner of Q's Fierce Chic Boutique, where fashion meets flair.

With an impressive array of degrees to her name, Que is a testament to the power of dedication and a role model for balancing professional pursuits with personal passions. Her drive doesn't just end with her career and business; it extends to her family life, where she is a devoted mother to two wonderful children who share her zest for life, travel, and exploration.

As a Brunch Ambassador, Que is the epitome of grace and connectivity, weaving together diverse threads of experiences, people, and places into memorable brunch events. Her natural charisma and genuine interest in others make every gathering a unique blend of fun, friendship, and new discoveries. Que lives by the motto "Brunchin' is a lifestyle," a testament to her belief in the power of these gatherings to foster community, laughter, and joy.

Join Que for a brunch experience where every meal is a celebration of life's journeys, connections, and stylish moments. Embrace the lifestyle where every brunch is an opportunity to create memories and friendships, just as Que does with elegance and open arms.

Laquana Price
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