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Jessica Taylor

Fayetteville Ambassador

Jessica is a Boston, MA native but considers herself a 'tried and true mover' due to her past military service and her husband's career. She hails from NYC, DC/VA, Dallas, TX, Cleveland, OH but recently settled into the Fort Liberty/Fayetteville NC area in 2021 to work for the Department of the Army. Jessica holds her BAS in Advertising and Marketing and is a Board Certified through NACA in Christian Counseling. Jessica has a passion for her faith, family, connecting woman, children with special needs, mental health awareness, and the military community.

If you are looking for Jessica, you she can be found enjoying time with her family, friends or church family, engaged in a book, traveling, near a body of water, at the gym lifting weights or at a spin class and eating a good meal.

Jessica joined Brown Skin Brunchin because she loves to help others feel understood and connected and loves a good brunch meetup. She believes one of the best experience of life is human connection and good food!

Jessica Taylor
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