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Hazel Williams

Toronto Ambassador

If you are reading this you want to know if you have a connection with Hazel! Girl YES you do!

Hazel, is born and raised in downtown Toronto. She is a proud mother to a 26 yr old name Quiontee, who has been her best teacher in regard to life lessons.

When she is not encouraging friends and family to live life unapologetically and be bold, Hazel can be found exploring the city of Toronto, by visiting national parks, and restaurants, participating in adult sporting activities and attending social/networking events to meet new people.

Hazel is passionate about encouraging other women to put themselves first before taking care of others because if you are not 100%, you can’t show up and be 100% for others.

She joined Brown Skin Brunchin because she wants to surround herself with like-minded women. She is committed to expanding, and growing as a person and looks forward to learning from others.

Hazel Williams
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