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Brandi Vilo

Baton Rouge Ambassador

Brandi H. Vilo is a true southern girl. She was born and raised in South Louisiana and currently resides in Prairieville, LA. She holds a bachelor's degree in social work and working towards a master's in Mental & Integrated Health. Upon graduation, she plans to provide business, health and wellness coaching within her community and online.

Even though Brandi's passion is social work and helping others, she has spent the last ten years working as a Project Manager & Process Engineer in Corporate America. Her career, to date, has provided opportunities to coach and mentor exceptional individuals throughout her career. Aside from her many titles, being a mom to her 21-year-old daughter and 3-year-old Yorkie is her most prized position.

Programmatic implementation, process improvement, and projects are not Brandi's only skills. She is a new entrepreneur committed to supporting mental health, self-care, and overall health/wellness within her community. She hopes to one day empower her community to live out their dreams and create generational wealth for their families.

Brandi also enjoys traveling domestically and internationally. Her love for travel inspired her to become a travel coordinator after organizing personalized travel experiences for her family and friends. She also enjoys reading, attending festivals, sporting events, and wine tasting to name a few. Most importantly, she enjoys spending time and making memories with loved ones.

Brandi is open to experiencing most things once if it involves positive energy and good vibes. She is the planner amongst her group of friends. One of her favorite activities to plan is meeting up with her girlfriends for brunch at various restaurants throughout the region. It has become one of her favorite self-care activities.

One thing that Brandi is passionate about is service to others. Brandi has desired to volunteer within her community for some time. When she learned about Brown Skin Bruchin, she downloaded the app and noticed the Baton Rouge Chapter was looking for a new ambassador. Brandi took this as a sign to get involved. She believes every woman needs a dope tribe of women to build a like-minded community. Brandi is looking forward to creating a safe place for women to develop genuine connections, network, and support each other’s joyous milestones and support when life's uncomfortable movements happen. I'm excited to be an ambassador. I look forward to my contribution to Brown Skin Brunchin, fostering their mission within the Baton Rouge chapter, and giving back to a community we all love.

Brandi Vilo
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