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Bettie Cephas

Tampa Ambassador

Bettie is a native of Southern New Jersey and currently resides in Tampa Florida. She is a graduate of C C C with a degree in Business Management.

When she is not at Tampa International Airport as a General Manager, Bettie can be found collecting Thomas Blackshear Art and Figurines.

One thing that Bettie is passionate about is the Love of her life, her incredible parents, 3 sons, 3 daughters-laws and 5 wonderful grand-babies because they brings so much joy and happiness to her life.

She joined Brown Skin Brunchin because she wanted to be able to meet incredible brown skin women on the same path and following a similar journey as her, as well as to meet and network with wonderful women. And is truly looking forward to continuing to grow with Brown Skin Brunchin.

Bettie Cephas
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