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Aquilla Robinson

St. Paul Ambassador

Aquilla Robinson is a Minneapolis, MN native; born and raised in North Minneapolis, otherwise know as “NFL” - Norfside For Life (if you know, you know). Born to the late Rev. Lawrence G. Robinson, and still feisty Evangelist Gean D. Robinson (Wade), Aquilla was automatically stamped as a “PK” (Preacher’s Kid). Not only did this create a strong foundation of faith for Aquilla, but also paved the way for leadership, self awareness, and allowed Aquilla to have confidence in how she presents herself.

Aquilla participated as a Minnesota Chapter of the Links Debutante in the year of 2000. She also started many business ventures ranging from becoming a graphic designer, artist/model manager, event coordinator, and also previously owned her own brick and mortar - Victory’s Image Boutique and Consignment, which was created to empower women at every stage that they walk through on THEIR journey.

Aquilla’s ongoing passion is in Behavioral Health, where she operates as a Behavioral Health Intake Coordinator and is a member of her employer’s Employee Engagement Committee. Additionally, Aquilla participates on the Board of Directors for the Association of Black Economic Power (ABEP). This segment of opportunities led Aquilla to launch BLCK Therapy in January 2021. BLCK Therapy was simply an idea in the year 2019, as Aquilla’s personal initiative to support the importance of mental health and increase awareness to seek processional counseling services, specifically in the Black community. Aquilla currently has merch available for purchase to heighten awareness. Launching in 2023, BLCK Therapy will produce two empowerment coffee table books along with a journal. By 2024, BLCK Therapy will host Happy Hour events, and Aquilla will offer sessions as a Life Coach specializing in the areas of Domestic Violence, Positive Self Image, and Divorce.

Aquilla currently shares her life with her middle school aged daughter. Together they enjoy dining out, photography, painting abstract art, watching movies and catching up on trending Netflix shows.

Aquilla joined Brown Skin Brunchin’ as an Ambassador because previously, she was relocating across the county to FL and wanted an avenue to meet like-minded women for networking and having fun. Aquilla didn’t have any friends or much family in FL. Brown Skin Brunchin’ was the perfect universal connection to meet others with a bond over food and beverage. Aquilla found instant value in Brown Skin Brunchin’ as a concept and brand. Aquilla looks forward to making new connections and creating memorable brunch experiences, with a glass of Prosecco in hand.

Aquilla Robinson
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