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Melissa Mason


All About Melissa

As Co-Founder of Brown Skin Brunchin’, a nationally-recognized international company specializing in brunch events for Black women, Melissa Mason is passionate about community building and empowering women. Mason is a corporate leader with over 20 years of expertise in Program Management, Social Work, Risk Management, and Compliance for both private and governmental agencies. She holds two Bachelor’s degrees from the Virginia Commonwealth University in Social Work and Psychology, with a concentration in Applied Psychology. 


Raised by a single mother, Mason grew up in the Blackwell projects of Richmond, VA. Determined to build a better life for herself, Mason began working as a writer for the Richmond Times Dispatch at the age of 14. When Mason became pregnant as a teenager during her Senior year of high school, she was grateful to have enough school credits to make the transition and graduate. In 2006, she got married and a short two years later found herself experiencing the challenges of separation and divorce. The difficult experience led her to the realization that the life she desired would require her to manage her time well, drop the excuses and hustle.


Motivated to set a good example for her children by finishing her education, Melissa returned to school at the age of 30. She became a master at time management; working full-time while going to school full-time, and graduating in 2015. After her best friend moved away to pursue her career and started making new friends and networking, the two were inspired to organize brunch events to get out of their comfort zones and build a strong network of female friendships. 


As Brown Skin Brunchin’ expanded rapidly, Mason and her Co-Founder, Lillian Jackson learned to build a team, relinquish control and be flexible. As the two built a supportive network of ambassadors, the company now operates internationally in over 87 cities around the globe, and serves over 40,000 women. She’s is passionate about creating environments that are uplifting, free of judgment, and dismantling the narrative that black women are difficult or can’t get along. 


Melissa is a proud corporate working Mother, and she continues to reside in her hometown of Richmond, VA while traveling frequently on business. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, experiencing other cultures through travel, and connecting with her brunchin’ crew!

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