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Lillian Jackson


All About Lillian

Lillian Jackson is a nationally-recognized champion for building connections and communities for women of color.  As an Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Brown Skin Brunchin’, she’s been featured alongside her Co-Founder Melissa Mason in media outlets such as Yahoo, Essence, Travel Noire, ABC and more. Jackson is an expert in the field of Human Resources with nearly 20 years of leadership experience for corporations.. 


A native of Richmond, VA, Lillian’s resolve to make a better life for herself was grounded in inspiration from her Grandmother. Growing up in the Blackwell projects, she was frustrated with the life of scarcity she witnessed around her. After moving in with her Grandmother in middle school, Lillian observed a woman who made things happen even when the resources weren’t available. This inspired Lillian to pursue her higher education, and she went on to graduate from the University of Maryland with a degree in Psychology. As a first generation college student, Lillian strives to provide guidance to young women seeking an education while instilling the entrepreneurial spirit. Her first internship in Human Resources came as the result of networking at a party, which sparked her passion for building relationships. 


As Lillian pursued her career, she transferred to Pittsburgh, PA, far from the life she knew. Frustrated with the lack of diversity and opportunities to connect with women who looked like her, Jackson later relocated to Las Vegas, and decided to take matters into her own hands to make friends. Strategizing with her childhood best friend, Melissa, the two devised a plan to create fun and safe spaces over Brunch for black and brown women to connect. 


Brown Skin Brunchin’ was founded in 2018, and has exponentially grown to become a leading international community of over 40,000 women, operating monthly events in over 87 cities around the world. BSB provides curated events for women to be their authentic selves, and expand their personal and professional circles without the awkwardness of traditional networking events. 


Lillian Jackson is a proud Mother currently residing in Las Vegas, NV, and is also the owner of a creative content space, Lilly’s Content Studio. When she is not creating amazing brunch experiences, she enjoys spending time with her children and traveling to experience new cultures and food.

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