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Lillian Jackson


All About Lillian

Lillian Jackson is best known as the co-founder and creative muse behind Brown Skin Brunchin.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Maryland.  Her corporate career has spanned almost 20 years in in the field of Human Resources. While she has had a long corporate career, she has an entrepreneurial spirit and loves helping others create their dream company.


Lillian was inspired to create Brown Skin Brunchin’ with her childhood friend after she progressed in her career and found that she lacked adult friendships as she moved around.  Lillian is naturally shy and found it challenging to connect with others at traditional networking events.  She quickly found that when you bring people together over food and drinks, they naturally connect and thus Brown Skin Brunchin’ was born.


One thing that is near and dear to Lillian is educational opportunities for women of color.  As a first generational college student, Lillian strives to provide guidance to young women seeking a college education while instilling the entrepreneurial spirit in them during the process.


In her spare time when she is not creating amazing brunch experiences, she enjoy spending time with her children and traveling to experience new cultures and food.

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