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Atlanta, GA

Greetings from the Atlanta Chapter of Brown Skin Brunchin, where a vibrant community of women of color thrives in the bustling and culturally rich capital of Georgia. Our chapter is dedicated to fostering connections, empowerment, and joy in a city known for its dynamic spirit and rich history.

Atlanta, GA

Our Story:
Established in January 2020, the Atlanta Chapter has become a cornerstone for women of color looking for a sense of community and support in the Atlanta metro area. We started as a small group of friends and have grown into a diverse and dynamic chapter, embodying the energy and diversity of Atlanta.

Joining Our Chapter:
Becoming a member of our Atlanta chapter opens doors to networking, friendship, and empowerment in one of the most vibrant cities in the South. Whether you’re new to Atlanta or a long-time resident, our community is here to welcome you. Visit our [Membership Page] or get in touch at [Contact Email] for more details.

Events and Activities:
Our Atlanta chapter hosts a variety of events, including monthly brunches in some of Atlanta's best eateries, community service opportunities, and professional networking events. We also celebrate Atlanta's rich cultural heritage through special events and gatherings.

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