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Allentown, PA Chapter

Welcome to the Allentown Chapter of Brown Skin Brunchin, a lively and empowering community of women of color in the heart of Pennsylvania’s third-largest city. Our chapter is a space for connection, support, and inspiration, bringing together women from all walks of life in Allentown and the surrounding Lehigh Valley.

Allentown, PA Chapter

Our Story:
Since our inception in 2023, the Allentown Chapter has been a beacon for women seeking community and empowerment in the Lehigh Valley. Born from a desire to offer a welcoming space for women of color, we’ve grown into a diverse and dynamic group, reflective of Allentown's rich cultural tapestry.

Joining Our Chapter:
Becoming a member is your ticket to a network of supportive, inspiring women in Allentown. We welcome anyone looking to build friendships, expand their professional network, or just enjoy brunch in good company. Learn more about membership on our membership page:
Events and Activities:
Our chapter hosts an array of events once a month, from casual brunches in downtown Allentown to community service projects in the Lehigh Valley.

Member Experiences:

"The Allentown chapter is like a second family. It's amazing to connect with such empowering women right here in the Lehigh Valley." - [Member Name]

"Each brunch is an opportunity to learn and grow among incredible women." - [Member Name]

Get in Touch:
Questions or want to learn more? Join the Allentown group via our mobile APP

Connect with Us:
Stay updated on upcoming events and member stories by following our

Fun Fact About Allentown:

Did you know that Allentown was the hiding place for the Liberty Bell during the American Revolution? This historic city played a pivotal role in protecting one of America's most iconic symbols of freedom.

Join Us in Allentown!

Ready to be part of an empowering community in Allentown? Join the Allentown Chapter of Brown Skin Brunchin today and start making meaningful connections in the Lehigh Valley!

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