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What is a Brown Skin Brunchin' event?

Each month in cities across the US, Canada & Caribbean our ambassadors host local brunches at restaurants within their communities.  This allow our members to experience new brunch cuisine while putting dollars directly back into their communities.  All while building long lasting friendships and connections.  


Our events are no stress, no drama, relaxed events.  Imagine going to brunch with your bestie, except you are brunchin' with the bestie you didnt know you needed!

What our events aren't

Our events are not intended to be structured events with name tags and an agenda. We enjoy good conversation over good food and good drinks in a relaxed environment.  Our members have come to enjoy the relaxed feel of our events and look forward to it.

We welcome entrepreneurs to come and share what they are offering to our members but we expect all participants to give more than you take.  Create meaningful relationships within the group before pitching your services or goes a long way!

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