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Diondrea Ricks

DC Ambassador

Diondrea Ricks is a native of Washington D.C. area and currently resides in Bryans Road, Maryland. She is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Sciences and Technology and a Master of Science Degree in Human Resources Administration from Central Michigan University.

When she is not working two jobs: one in Cybersecurity and one in Human Resources Administration, Diondrea can be found hanging out with friends, traveling, doing activities she considers adventurous or brunching!!!

One thing that Diondrea is passionate about is building new relationships, establishing meaningful connections and empowering others because it's what keeps her spirits lifted and energized.

She joined Brown Skin Brunchin because she loves to brunch and interact with like minded individuals over some great food and is looking forward to continuing to build meaningful connections and getting to know as many amazing as possible.

Diondrea Ricks
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