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5 Black AF Liquor/Wines you should check out

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Minorities in the wine/spirit business are far and few in between. If you are looking for a few minority owned spirit businesses that you can support, check out the five listed below that are black AF.

Markell-Bani Fine Wines & Sparkling Beverages

Originating in Cincinnati, two life long friends created this brand in order to serve the African-American community. They describe their spirits as “bold, brilliant, and classy wines with a sweet, robust and flavorful taste.” Reasonably priced, you can grab a bottle of Aniyah Rouge- Sweet Red Wine or Demera Blanc for $20.00 per bottle. Cash in on their fall special for the holidays and receive a free bottle when you buy one with the code FALLBOGO.

Photo Credit: MB Website

Blackleaf Organic Vodka

Blackleaf Organic Vodka is the first French Organic Vodka on the market crafted in France. Their vodka offers a smooth taste that is full of character. The brand represents sophistication and purity. Their products can be found in the DC & Nashville area.

Photo Credit: Instagram @theandrewnoh

Fou-Dre Vodka

Founded by Chanel Turner at the age of 25, she became known as the youngest women to own her own spirit and the first African American woman to own and operate a vodka brand. Distributed in DC & MD. They pride themselves on not just being flavored vodka, but vodka with FLAVOR.

Photo credit: Fou-Dre website

Black Momma Vodka

Their motto is “Made by a woman for women, and still strong enough for any man” You can sit around with your girl gang and spill the “tea” over cocktails featuring flavors such as Peach Tea Vodka, Green Tea Vodka, Chai Tea Vodka, and Pomegranate Tea Vodka. You can also grab a bottle of straight vodka if you aren’t feeling like a cup of “tea.” If you are hosting an event, they also offer custom tea gift boxes with loose tea or tea bag options. To sweeten the deal you can add their custom mix of gluten-free Agave products that mix well with hot or cold beverages but pairs perfectly with the Black Momma Vodkas.

Photo Credit: Instagram @blackmommavodka

Brown Estate Winery

Established in 1996, the Brown Estate Winery is Napa Valley’s first Black-owned estate Winery. This winery has garnered worldwide attention from word of mouth. They had humble beginnings with the family purchasing an abandoned ranch in Napa Valley. They have since grown and released over 20 vintages. While the estate is not able to accommodate tours to non-members, a tasting room in the heart of downtown Napa can be experienced for those wanting to check out their collection.

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