What we do...

Each month Brown Skin Brunchin' collectively has over 100+ members attending a brunch organized for them by our team.  We currently have groups in 11 cities and we are researching various markets with plans of expanding to additional markets by the end of 2020.

Organizer Responsibilities

As an organizer, you will be responsible for all aspects of the monthly brunch event.  This includes researching and contacting restaurants, scheduling brunches, responding to member inquires, and ensuring the overall brunch experience is pleasant and enjoyable for all attendees. Each Organizer is responsible for ensuring that a brunch is scheduled consistently throughout the year.  Organizers have the flexibility to select the date/time that is convenient for their schedule.  We only require that all events are posted with a minimum of 30 days prior to the start of the event so that members can make arrangements to attend.

Organizer Qualifications

Selected organizers will have excellent organizational and interpersonal skills.  You must be friendly and enjoy spending time with others.  We would like for you to have some experience with planning and managing large groups.  You must also be responsible, as you will oversee payment reimbursements at the time of the brunch.

How it works..

Our brunches require our members to RSVP prior to attending the event.  To ensure that everyone RSVP with integrity, we require members to pay a deposit of $15.00.  Upon arrival to the brunch, the member is reimbursed $10.00.  


Our organizers are responsible for returning the payment to each member the day of the brunch.  We require all cancellations to be made 48 hours prior to the start of the brunch to ensure that we have ample time to transfer funds to our organizers.  Funds are transferred to organizers via PayPal or Zelle.  Organizers are required to have one of these payment methods so that funds can be received.

One of the top questions we receive is what happens with the other $5.00.  To utilize this website and other event based websites, we are required to pay monthly fees and there is a fee to accept credit cards.  The remaining $5.00 is utilized to cover those fees and keep the website operational.

Our organizers are not responsible for covering any of the financial responsibilities associated with running the group.  Your admins cover those fees for you. We rely on the organizers to keep the groups active each month by planning and attending the brunch.